Meeting the brilliant minds behind the brandsStillman Give us a brief history about your brand and how you got started As with most great ventures, ours started as a hobby while we lived in Jo’burg. Our mutual fascination with the process of distillation soon led us to not only relocating to the charming town of…

The Noble Experiment

As I am a person that relates to taste, feel and experiences and previously owning a restaurant, I find joy in creating culinary taste experiences.  From this the Gin journey was born from a thought that it would be fun to make gin as I would like it to be made.

Triple Three

The story of Triple Three Distillery starts back in 1929 with Frans Zeitvogel who perfected his craft in distilling and handed down his distilling expertise to his son Oswald Zeitvogel ,who in turn handed his expertise down another generation to our Triple Three master distiller, Rolf. Three generations of distilling excellence is what Triple Three is founded on.

Six Dogs

It started as a hobby, using a converted copper geyser as a still. It was housed in our farm garage. We lit a fire at the base and our dogs used to keep warm in winter around the still.


The Autograph brand got its start back in 2016 when the owner of the company decided to enter the craft gin realm, from this decision the team was put together which in the beginning was just three humans. Anthony, Candice and I.


The inspiration for Flowstone is rooted in the incredible landscape of The Cradle of Humankind an internationally proclaimed World Heritage Site. This spectacular area, where man’s early ancestors roamed is our home.


I have been involved in many brands since starting to distill in 1994, starting with my Savingnac brandy and going on to start the gin revolution in 2007. Then I was trading as Jorgensen’s Distillery making Gin, Vodka, Absinthe, Limoncello etc. My focus now, and main brand is Procera Gin which we make in Kenya.