Meeting the brilliant minds behind the brands
Triple Three

Give us a brief history about your brand and how you got started

The story of Triple Three Distillery starts back in 1929 with Frans Zeitvogel who perfected his craft in distilling and handed down his distilling expertise to his son Oswald Zeitvogel ,who in turn handed his expertise down another generation to our Triple Three master distiller, Rolf. Three generations of distilling excellence is what Triple Three is founded on.

How is your brand and product different to the vast competition out there?

Triple Three distillery has three core values that are present in everything we do, Authenticity, Transparency and Quality, you will find nothing but excellence in every bottle of Triple Three Gin. We do not use sugar, artificial flavour or any other enhancers, the only ingredients found in a bottle of Triple Three is carefully sourced botanicals, high quality spirit and the purest water.

What inspired your logo?

The number 3 is synonymous with the Triple Three brand – We have three generations of distilling expertise, three iconic copper pot stills, three core unwavering brand values, resulting in a range of three remarkably tasting gins.

What made you want to start distilling and was gin your initial focus?

Distillation has been a family tradition, reigning from the Black Forest in Germany where I learnt distillation from my father and him from his father, and soon to the next generation of our family. In the past we have distilled brandy, schnapps, grappa and gin.

What are 5 words that describe you?

We have three words that describe everything we do. Authenticity, Transparent, Quality. We believe with these three values that are integrated into everything we do; we will achieve excellence.

Is this your main source of work or do you have another job as well and if so, what do you do?

I am a distiller and wine maker by trade, much like the two generations of family before me.

Which other distillers do you admire?

Lucy Beard from Hope on Hopkins

What kind of personality would you say you have (Rebel / Jester / Outdoorsie / Bold / Optimist / Peace-lover)?

Maybe from all a bit

What is one of the best stories you can share about your experience in this industry?

Not easy to pick one specific story. I think the rewards we get as a team, when we see people celebrating with our product.

What is one of the worst stories you can share about your experience in this industry?

The misunderstanding between Craft marketing and Craft distilling, where the consumer gets taken for a ride without knowing.

If your company could drive, what would be its vehicle of choice?

Something like a Landrover or Merc. G-Model. Solid build, for every terrain, best vehicle to explore new routes. And all have space for loads of gin!

How do you reach your customers and how do you interact with them?

We have relied heavily on authentic engagement to grow our brand however we do use the social platforms as well.

What is your definition of a Craft Spirit and how many brands do you feel achieves this?

A craft spirit is one that is created and distilled in a relatively small batch with attention to detail by the brand itself. There are very few true craft gin brands in SA and even fewer craft distilleries.

What is your vision for the Gin category in South Africa as well as your brand?

The gin category has since been led by innovation through unique ingredients and colour however we are noticing a more discerning drinker emerge that is interested in not only the process and integrity of the brands values however the authenticity of the gin and the quality of the liquid.